Æstetisk Salon or Aesthetic Saloon is a recurrent event hosted by Camille Roth and I. Aesthetic Saloon was born out of the need to gather and the need to share artistic projects and passions. We wish to create a space for inspirational talks in a safe and open environment and to create a space for artists from different disciplines to meet, exchange knowledge and hopefully in the future create collaborative interdisciplinary works.

How does it go down?

To Aesthetic Saloon, we invite artists to show and/or tell about their work that is either finished or under progress. In between the presentations, we set off time to comment and give feedback. To each Aesthetic Saloon, there is a theme to which the artists must relate to and consider in their presentation. So far, we have had more than ten different themes, among others fear, comedy, interaction – reaction, freedom, space, embodiment, alter ego, nothing. The Aesthetic Saloons take place in our private homes. Everybody is welcome and to participate in their own ways. You show up and we serve wine, beer and snacks during the evening.

Our Aesthetic Saloons started in 2014.

See more here: https://www.facebook.com/aestetisksalon/

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