Broken Face is a collaborative video work with Lasse Mouritzen.

In Broken Face, an encounter takes place beyond our civilization. The reality is distorted and roles are undefined, multilingual and in a conflictual state of mind. Who are you, who am I and what are we to each other. Disconnected and yet connected, united and yet separated, Broken Face illustrates not only the complex bond in between humans but also the bond between human and nature.

Concept: Lasse Mouritzen and Linh Le
Text: Lasse Mouritzen and Linh Le
Filming and editing: Lasse Mouritzen


Linh har ombestemt sig screen 2Linh har ombestemt sig screen 4Linh har ombestemt sig screen 10Linh har ombestemt sig screen 8

In 2017, photos from the video have been selected for the the first Online Performance Art Exhibition in Turkey between September 14 – December 14. Curated by Kaur Chimuk.

In 2019, selected for the 5th ArtAnkara Contemporary Art Fair in Ankara between 14-17 March (with Stockholm Performance Art).


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