You will never be given the power. You will have to take the power – is what I have thought about some time. But this has shifted. I think it is important that we receive rather than we take. We need the peoples’ support.

What to do when creating awareness and telling stories about toxic white supremacy culture, racism, climate emergency, the suffering of nature etc. are not enough to create real change? Understanding, awareness and reflections are crucial but they cannot stand alone if we want to dismantle the system of oppression towards groups of people and non-human existences. I have come to realize more and more that the people who understand are the people who want to understand and the people who do not understand are the people who do not want to understand. Their views can never be changed and thus they will never give you the power. But these are the few. We have the peoples. The global majority. These are the hearts to win. The field of artivism is powerful to me because it intervenes directly in society and creates portals of possible worlds. It combines the artistic visions for the future with present direct actions.

Sitting in Sympathy Action, Sjælsmark (2020).