For a Moment: Singularity

“For a Moment: Singularity” is a four hour long performance for my Master Thesis in Performance Design, Roskilde University (2018).

In my thesis, I explore the potential of dance as liberating in our relationship to urban spaces. Along with two other performers, we danced hyper-slowly through the city of Copenhagen in order to resist and go against the rhythm of the city and the choreographed life.

I wanted to find out what emerges when movement patterns change in our everyday life and what kind of experiences that will emerge, not only in ourselves but also in our relationship to each other and to the city.

The title of the performance “For a Moment: Singularity” is taken from dance theorist André Lepecki’s “Singularities: Dance in the Age of Performance” in which he describes the term singularity and dance as a singularity.

“There and then, between beatings, we breathe and take a break, we find vacuoles and gaps, we cut grooves where we run, dance write, study, make love, live, and permeate back to infiltrate and undo the conditioning. For a moment, life unconditioned. Or rather: life deconditioned from all that had turned into a choreography of conformity. For a moment, singularity” 

w/ Christian Otto Madsen and Peter Vadim