Performativ Public Street Art

Performativ Public Street Art with Phuc Van Dang (2020-2021). Supported by Insero and Horsens Kommune.

“Performative Public Street Art – Storytelling about the city’s identity across generations” is a 2-days workshop where we create performative street art in the city’s public spaces. The aim of the project is to build bridge between two different generations – children and seniors – and make them reflect together on the city’s history and identity. We find it interesting to put two generations together as they may have different perceptions of their city, different memories and stories. There may also be similarities and who knows, maybe even the same desires for where the city should move towards. Together, we find a common expression and vision for the city’s future which we show through street art, dance and movement.

Through play and experiments with street art, storytelling, body, movement and composition, we give the participants insight into different tools for how to collaborate on creating performative art in public spaces.

We work with United Nations World Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities.

Please contact us if you want us to visit your school.

We have visited Horsens Byskole at Fussingsvej, Juelsminde Skole and Barrit Skole. Video from the workshops here: