Planetary education

We live in a climate and biodiversity crisis leading us to fatal social and ecosystem collapse if we do not make major changes. This calls for active hope, reconnecting with nature – ourselves as we also are nature and with other species.

Planetary education is a set of workshops where Linh Le shares her artistic practice and engages children, young and adults to work with today’s urgent issues.

Becoming grass workshop at BIRCA during Bornholms Kulturuge (2022).
Photo: Susanne Danig
  • Becoming Grass workshops

Playing, making, planting, honoring.

A workshop in becoming grass. Move with grass, become it and learn about grass’ life cycle and ecosystem through play. During the workshop, we will also make seed bombs of wild grass species, transforming spaces and spread them around to create more biodiversity. We end with a collective ritual to honor the grass species.

  • Becoming Species workshops

Performative climate activist group Becoming Species facilitate workshops in becoming species through guided meditation, role play, costume, mask and materials. The workshops are varied and built up in accordance to the surroundings. BS has among others made workshops in Rold Skov w/ Fraktal, Øens Have w/ Laboratory of Aesthetics and Ecology, Islands Brygge w/ Islands Brygge Kulturhus.

Besides the mentioned, Linh has on her own facilitated in becoming species methods mixed with her own practice for a TRIO course at Akademiet – Højskole for Teater, Dans, Performance.

Vital drawings of movements of the species.
Performative activism course at TRIO, Akademiet (2021).

  • Mask workshops

Make a mask of your own species and use it for demonstrations, actions, play.

A great way to getting to learn and feel the wonders of the world and the beautiful species we co-habit the world is to build your own mask of a species. Build with clay to feel the shapes and structures of the species and form it with a respect that will make the alliance between you and the species even stronger.

Mask technique taught by the amazing mask builder, Randi Kjær.

  • Byen er din – Performative Public Street Art for schools

“Byen er din / The City is Yours – Performative Public Street Art” is a project by Linh Le and Phuc Van Dang focusing on storytelling of the city’s identity across generations.

Video: Daniel Nielsen

The project is a 2-days workshop where Linh and Phuc invite children and seniors to create performative street art in their city’s public spaces. The aim of the project is to build bridge between two generations – children and seniors – as they may have different perceptions of their city, different memories and stories. Together, they reflect on the city’s history and identity through street art, dance and performance and find a common expression and vision for their city’s future. Their final works are shown to a small vernissage.

The project works with the United Nations World Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities.

Linh and Phuc have so far visited Horsens Byskole at Fussingsvej, Juelsminde Skole and Barrit Skole, involving the children’s grandparents and members of Ældre Sagen to bring their perspectives on how to keep cities and communities sustainable.

Maybe yours is next?