Linh Le (full name: Linh Tuyet Le) was born in Aalborg in 1990, raised by Vietnamese parents who came to Denmark in the start 80s as boat refugees. Linh started to dance in her room out of anger. This is where she learned how to move and discovered how dance and performance can embody societal critique and uproar. Being a child of freedom fighters, Linh feels a strong connection to freeing oneself through dance, to cross boundaries and explore how the body and its shapes can transform into something that becomes unrecognizable and yet relatable. One of Linh’s favorite things to do is to reset herself to a state of nothingness, to move hyper-slowly, experience the sensation of time and space dissolving, sensation of that everything is possible, imagining an environment, the transformation of oneself, how the environment fluids into one’s body and improvise with whatever is there. Without knowing it, Linh was told that she was dancing butoh. Linh explored the philosophy of butoh and wrote her master thesis about butoh dance as liberating. Lately, Linh has found a passion for improvising with and in nature. In nature, Linh finds a tremendously freedom and inspiration because nature to her is not defined or represented. More experiments with nature will definitely appear on this site! Overall, Linh loves to experiment with all kinds of mediums within the performative field and is curious to learn more through cross-disciplinary collaborations. Thus, do not hesitate to contact if you find the works of Linh interesting and want to collaborate.

Linh holds a Bachelor in Aesthetics and Culture from Aarhus University and a Master in Performance Design & Planning from Roskilde University. Besides performing, Linh teaches in dance for people with parkinson and organize activities for people in elder homes.