Linh Le (full name: Linh Tuyet Le) was born in Aalborg in 1990. After participating in an international choreography contest in Århus in 2013 and winning the jury prize for Talent of the Year, Linh began to experiment with the body as a medium and explore boundaries within the performative. Heavily influenced by her studies in Aesthetics and Culture from Aarhus University (graduated as bachelor in 2014) and Performance Design (graduated as master in 2018), Linh found home in the Avant-Garde, happenings, staging of aesthetic elements and the performative aspect of the body, especially the body as constituting space. Later on, Linh discovered the Japanese dance art form butoh and fell head over heels in love with the dance form’s ability to endorse all colors of human nature. Central to the works of Linh is to explore in what ways dance and choreography as embodied critique can contribute new perspectives on our existence and set up alternative futures. Linh is known for her strong artistic integrity and to put herself, her identity and gender into play in fearless and unforeseeable ways. Fond of collaborations and cross-disciplinary projects, Linh enters them with an open-minded, inclusive and acknowledging approach while setting high expectations to herself and others in order to raise the quality of the work.