Site-specific performances

Den Jydske Blæst (2021).

A performance tour along the beacons on the west coast of Jutland paying tribute to the wind and the poem of Johannes V. Jensen “Den Jydske Blæst”. Performance tour by Fire and Twirly Mist which is a sound and performance duo consisting of musician Mikkel Feierskov and performance artist Linh Le. We work with found objects in the landscape and with the forces of nature. Project supported by The Ministry of Culture.

Photo by Bo Clausen (2021).

Assens Kunstråds Kunstdag (2021).

I was invited to be the main artist for the yearly event “Assens Kunstråds Kunstdag” in 2021. I did a live performance in Bøgeskoven and an artist talk about my practice. In the performance, I transformed to an alu foil cocoon investigating themes of consumption and sustainability, and the desire for consuming as both liberating and alienating. Live sound art by Mikkel Feierskov.

Photos by Uffe Johansen.

Becoming Grass (2021).

“The Climate Crucible” residency at BIRCA facilitated by Susanne Danig and Moira Finuncane. Total, we were 13 women from different parts of the world (Australia, India, Mexico, Denmark) investigating the intersections between climate, art and women. I was exploring becoming grass and did a performance.

Photo by Madeleine Kate McGowan

Our Body Produced (2021).

A performance along Langelinie in Horsens, sensing the elements on site and the body produced by the weather conditions. Sculptures by Phuc Van Dang and costumes by Viola Wrede. Project supported by the Municipality of Horsens.

Screenshots from video by Theo Baunsgaard.

We are here for fun (2017).

Pop-up performance on Syntagma Square in Athens. During a student trip with Performance Design Roskilde University, I invited my teacher Kristine Samson to perform with me as part of an unofficial program to Dokumenta14 which highlighted the refugee crisis. Together, we embodied death and sorrow for the many loss lives in the Mediteranean Sea.

Mimer-motor på Mimersgade (2022).

Miming on segboards with circus artists William Yazaki and Villads Bugge Bang. Project supported by Nørrebro Puls.

Street Shapes (2014).

Reshaping the streets with body sculptures in the urban spaces of Aarhus. Supported by Rethink – Municipality of Aarhus.