Stage productions

Corona Cave (2020-2022).

An on-going research of being in isolation and what we bring with us of dreams and fantasies in our corona cave.

Corona Cave (2022). Live performance to event Own Your Frame at Sydhavn Teater. Photos below by Lasse Mouritzen.
Corona Cave – No Touch (2020). Residency at BIRCA where I made several video performances.

Oraklet (2021).

Performance with MANA:GROUP investigating symbols and rituals of truths and meaning. Showing at Illutron and final performance at Vox, Teaterhuset. Supported by Københavns Kommune Scenekunstudvalg.

Showing at Illutron (2021).

Dyreriget – du er ikke inviteret (2019-2020).

The Animal Empire – you are not invited (2020). Video by Frigge Fri.

“Dyreriget – du er ikke inviteret” is a project exploring aesthetics about dehumanization of groups of people and is a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Peter Vadim. The projects consists of a live performance and panel discussions at Bådteatret, video art by Frigge Fri, exhibition and performance at Warehouse9 and sound art podcast by Eduardo Abrantes.

Podcast by Eduardo Abrantes.

The podcast is recorded during our performative research at Ubåden, Bådteatret. Through dance and choreography, we explored the aesthetics of dehumanization and invited a broad range of panel members to discuss the dilemmas, paradoxes and issues that arise when groups of people are dehumanized and compared to pests. The topics of the discussions were amongst other art, choreography and politics – gender, diversity and democracy – public space, performativity and law. The podcast is put together by Eduardo Abrantes. Eduardo added an extra layer of ambient sounds to the podcast.

List of panel members:

Christa Breum Amhøj, External lector, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School and Partner at SDG-Actionuniversity (

Gerard M. Samuel, Senior Lecturer, Head of Dance Section, Centre for Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies, University of Cape Town.

Laura Luise Schultz, Associate Professor, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen.

Jørgen Callesen, Queer Performer, Curator and Artistic Director, Warehouse9. Ph.d. in Information & Media Studies, Aarhus University.

Morten Goll, Executive Director at Trampoline House – a community center for asylum seekers, refugees and other citizens in Denmark.

Storm Møller Madsen, Queer Performer and Part-Time Lecturer, Theater and Performance Studies, University of Copenhagen.

Signe Flyvbjerg, Artist and Cand.mag. Modern Culture and Cultural Communication, University of Copenhagen.

Bettina Lamm, Landscape Architect and Associate Professor at the Landscape Architecture and Planning division, University of Copenhagen.

Kristine Samson, Associate Professor at Visual Culture and Performance Design, Roskilde University

Upeka Abeynayake, Ethnologist, activist and member of several boards including DRC/Documentation- and Advisory Center on Racial Discrimination, IMR and Pluralisterne.

Naja Lee Jensen, Artist and artistic director of HAUT – experimental stage for independent groups and performing artists.

Jens Tang Kristensen, Postdoc. Department of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, and co-author of the book Becoming Animal.

Rasmus Nordqvist, Member of the Parliament for the Alternative and spokesman on foreign affairs, the EU, climate, peace and defence, cultural affairs and LGBTQI.

The project is supported by Sportgoodsfonden, Dansk Artist Forbund and Ubåden, Bådteatret.

The Animal Empire – you are not invited (2019). Performance and panel discussions at Bådteatret. Video by Sebastian Neerup Mandel.

How to make a home for an alien (2020).

A residency project at pIAR – perforcraze International Artist Residency in Kumasi, Ghana. Live performance in local community and workshops for the community investigating how to make space for otherness, the divergent, the outcasts, the aliens.

How to make a home for an alien (2020). Live performance for the community to the event Love Feast at pIAR in Kumasi, Ghana. Photo by Elolo Bosoka.

Face the Darkness (2019).

Face the Darkness – When a child of Vietnamese boat refugees meets a child of Viet Cong. Tri Minh, musician and a child of Viet Cong and I, dancer and a child of Vietnamese boat refugees meet each other in a battle of the arts. Who controls who? Does the sound control the movement or does the movement controls the sound? How do the oppositions meet, communicate, reconcile?

Project supported by SNYK and Københavns Kommune Musikudvalg.

Face the Darkness (2019). Performance at Vox, Teaterhuset.

Alienation (2013-2014).

Alienation is a movement language, an archetype, a performance, a character which I have developed since I started to dance in my room. In 2013, I gave it a structure and brought the movements alive in a performance to an international choreography contest Make Your Move. I won the jury prize as Talent of the Year. In 2014, I developed it and did a longer performance to the event Off the Record at Teatret Svalegangen.

Alienation (2013). Photo by Flemming Thomsen.