Saa by som borger, Saa by som art

“Saa by som borger, Saa by som art” are durational performative rituals paying tribute to the diversity of life.

Researchers are talking about a biodiversity crisis and a sixth mass extinction, where the extinction of species is happening 10,000 times faster than before. We humans take up too much space. Danish nature lacks space. The vibrant and diverse landscape lacks space.

Rebelling against the dominance of the human species, Linh Le together with locals create a nature zone of 10 ton pile of soil (or other material) in the middle of the city, investigating habitability, interspecies meetings and communities.

Linh Le uses masks and performs a series of circular bodily actions incorporating the elements: sun, air, stone, wind and water. These are the fixed elements in the ritual which are being performed in a precise set of manner.

In the soil (or other material), Linh Le connects with the species and rebuilds, reshapes, regathers, reenvisions the soil into a habitat which make space for both human and more-than-human species.

The mask of the species, the numbers of performers and the interaction with locals are dependent on the site and contextualized in relation to the history, nature and culture.

Linh Le developed and realized this project as a solo work under Metropolis – Copenhagen International Theatre’s summer program 2022 performing 7 rituals on 7 different locations in the most busiest and crowdest places of Copenhagen.

Now, the project comes in different formats and durations and is continuously being developed and experimented with.


12-13 June: Trekløft-Alanten, IETM – International network for contemporary performing arts, Aarhus – 24 hours ritual with a 10 ton pile of soil moved by local cyclists and guests of IETM

3 August: TBA

5 August: Store Vandsalamander, Spire Festival, Holbæk – 2 hours ritual with a pile of branches and twigs collected by festival guests

18 September: Sværd-Skovlilje, Bornholms Kulturuge, Kultippen Hasle – 4 hours ritual with sunset and the landscape of Kultippen

The masks are made by Randi Kjær.

Photos: Frej Pries Schmedes

Review and more about the rituals:

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