Linh Le (she/her) is a performance artist, climate activist and feminist with a high energy level and a passion for biking and exploring new landscapes. Socially engaged and devoted to social and environmental justice.

My performative explorations consist of creating spaces of intimacy and working with issues such as migration politics, climate art, alienation, more-than-human, primordial forces and system critique. 

I am passionate about making performance videos, creating strong images which connect the divine with the unearthly and extraterrestial, playing with material to create hybrid characters, and to build up intensity through slowness. I spend a great deal on listening to my body and intuition to create space for improvisation and good mistakes.

I am born in 1990 Aalborg by Vietnamese parents who came to Denmark in the beginning of the 80s as boat refugees. Due to experiences with racism, I started to dance in my room out of anger. This is where I learned how to move freely and discovered how dance and performance can embody social critique and uproar. Being a child of freedom fighters and seen up-close the struggles of my parents in Danish society, I feel a strong connection to freeing myself through dance, to challenging the norms, crossing boundaries and exploring how the body can act, transform and claim space to the lesser heard voices.

I am the the co-founder and member of the performance climate activist group Becoming Species which in close alliance with Extinction Rebellion and Embassy of the Species have made several performative actions in public spaces dressed out as animals, plants and fungi, latest a take-over action of the City Hall of Copenhagen.

I hold a Bachelor in Aesthetics and Culture from Aarhus University in Denmark with an exchange at the University of Ottawa in Canada and a Master in Performance Design and Planning at Roskilde University in Denmark.