Linh Le works with performance, dance, video art and climate activism. Artistically, she works to create spaces for intimacy and healing related to topics such as migration policy, climate and biodiversity crisis, isolation, alienation, dreams and desires. She is educated in Aesthetics and Culture from AU and Performance Design & Planning from RUC.

Linh Le is the prototype of a new generation of artists who, with their own bodies, are exploring the possibility of finding a balance between a growing desperation and maintaining the belief in a different way of being human / species.

As a child of freedom fighters who came to Denmark as boat refugees from Vietnam, and as a witness to their struggles in Danish society, Linh Le is strongly called to free herself through dance, to challenge the norms, to transcend boundaries and explore how the body can act, transform and demand space for the less heard voices.

Linh Le is co-founder and member of the performance climate activist group Becoming Species which in close alliance with Extinction Rebellion and Embassy of the Species has made several performative actions in public space to amplify nature’s diverse voices. Linh Le is also a member of Dance Cooperative, an artist-run platform and association with a physical workspace in Valby, organised by 16 local performance artists.