Dance with Parkinson

Dance party (2019). Marking the end of three years project in Dance with Parkinson by Parkinsonforeningen. Supported by Tryg Fonden.

Photos from dance classes in KU.BE, Frederiksberg (2018-2020).

Together with Linette Stamp Christensen and Ældre Sagen, Linh Le has taught in dance for people with parkinson and relatives from 2018-2021. She is a certified in teaching in Dance with Parkinson from the PD-inspired method. PD-method involves using sensory images to activate creativity in movement, free expression and improvisation.

The classes are built up as professional classes for dancers, starting with sitting on chairs and working our way up to standing position. We implement our own methods and artistic practices in the classes using guided improvisation and images from nature and everyday routines and actions. Working with images instead of strict choreographies enables the dancers to move from their own individual starting positions, in their own pace and with effortless and ease.

The dance class took part in Roskilde University’s research about Dance with Parkinson. Read more: