Finding home for misplaced objects and bodies

“Finding home for misplaced objects and bodies” is a 12-hour walk with 12 different stops in Aalborg as part of Metropolis’ Walking Landscapes 2021.

Linh Le walked with the material alu foil, an immediately out-of-place material and investigated how it as material changed shape depending on the context; how it transformed and took over objects, bodies, landscapes, almost consuming in a fascinating, liberating and alienating way.

Linh Le explored alu foil as this paradoxical object which she feels drawn to but which she knows is deeply unsustainable. Alu foil is an object most of us know in our everyday life where we have used the material to maybe wrap our lunch or in cooking. Over time, an awareness of how much energy it takes to produce a material like alu foil has increased and there is a consensus that the material is bad. Taking the material out of the kitchen and in another context, it questions our relation to materials. How are materials an extension of our bodies? How close are materials to our bodies? How can consumption feel both liberating and alienating?

Lindholm Høje

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