Guckmal Dich

Guckmal Dich is a performance group consisting of Pernille Rosengren and I. We explore sound, text and movement with a disturbed humor. We had our debut with the performance Scapula. Scapula is a story about two women, who challenge the saying “the higher you fly the further you fall.” Throughout the performance, we move as dynamically as the […]

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Street Shapes

Inspired by Willi Dorner’s Bodies in Urban Spaces, Street Shapes is a project developed by me and supported by the municipality of Aarhus and the fund “Fonden Aarhus 2017” as part of Aarhus as the European Cultural Capital in 2017. Through a playful investigation, we / Street Shapers explore new ways of interacting with objects in […]

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Alienation is a solo performance performed and choreographed by me. Alienation is about feeling alienated and isolated from society. Growing up in a small town I was confronted with racism and strong feelings of not belonging. Alienation is created out of these feelings. The Alien The Alien is dangerous.  The Alien is hostile. It does […]

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