Åbninger is a collaborative performance project with Helene Sally. We merge methods from the art of croquis and butoh dance investigating the power relations between the painter and the painted. We explore the tension between control and in control of the human and animal nature while approaching it sensually. April the 12-13th 2019, we had […]

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Vejret nu

Vejret nu is an interdisciplinary work consisting of music, dance, acting and visuals, initiated by musician, Maja Gry Brøns. The work is an interpretation of the poems of the Danish poet Per Højholt. Of Højholt’s poems, we interpreted poems about nature from “Det Gentagnes Musik” and “Manøvrer.” Vejret nu is created through devising and improvisational techniques […]

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Broken Face

Broken Face is a collaborative video work with Lasse Mouritzen. In Broken Face, an encounter takes place beyond our civilization. The reality is distorted and roles are undefined, multilingual and in a conflictual state of mind. Who are you, who am I and what are we to each other. Disconnected and yet connected, united and […]

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