Alienation is a solo performance performed and choreographed by me. Alienation is about feeling alienated and isolated from society.

Growing up in a small town I was confronted with racism and strong feelings of not belonging. Alienation is created out of these feelings.

The Alien
The Alien is dangerous. 
The Alien is hostile.
It does not belong here. 
The Alien has no name.
The Alien has no face.
It is not human. 
The Alien has no home.
The Alien has no nationality.
It is anonymous.
The Alien seeks refuge.
It is not welcome


For the solo, I won the jury prize in the international choreography competition Make Your Move and the title as “Talent of the year 2013.”

The jury selected the works out of the criteria: 1) unique idea 2) composition 3) communication – how the choreographers translated their ideas into performance

About my choreography, the jury said: “We found that this performance deserves a first prize because it’s an organic work that builds tension through simple repetitions, the stunning choice of music and gesture that is combined with a striking ending which was great.” 

The Jury consisted of Meher Awachri (Tunisia), Dalia El Abd (Egypt), Ahmed El Attar (Egypt), Andreas Constantinou (Cyprus), Randi Abdin (Jordan), T-Love (Denmark).

After I participated in the competition, I developed and extended the choreography. The video above is from an open stage event called “Loona Night” at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen. It is the most updated version of Alienation.

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