Vejret nu

Vejret nu is an interdisciplinary work consisting of music, dance, acting and visuals, initiated by musician Maja Gry Brøns. The work is an interpretation of the poems of the Danish poet Per Højholt. Of Højholt’s poems, we interpreted poems about nature from “Det Gentagnes Musik” and “Manøvrer.”


Vejret nu is created through devising and improvisational techniques and methods. I participated as a dancer and choreographer, collaborating with Peter Vadim. During the creative process, Vadim and I were in charge of making the choreographies to the chosen poems “Personen i Vinden” and “Månen Forklaret”, and were invited by the other artists in the project to make choreographies to their chosen poems, among other Natlig manøvre med lyn.

Sound design by Aske Andersen.

In spring 2018, we performed at Xenon, Teaterhuset in Copenhagen and KBH VUC. In autumn 2018, we performed at Esbjerg Gymnasium in Esbjerg and Poesiens Hus in Copenhagen. We also gave workshops and had an artist talk after the performances.

Vejret nu is supported by A.P. Møller Fonden, Politiken-Fonden, Oticon Fonden, DMF, Danske Æg, Gyldendal and Signe Højholt.

Read more about the project here:

Photos by Jasko Bobar


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