Walking Landscapes Aalborg 2021


Groups State of Animals Mana:Group Becoming Species Member of Unges Møde med Kunsten & Børns Møde med Kunsten  Member of steering group and follower group in Roskilde University’s research project Dance with parkinson   Performances 2020 Corona Cave – Chandelier with alu foil / BIRCA – Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists / concept and […]


2022  September 21: Becoming grass workshop, BIRCA, Bornholm Kulturuge  https://www.birca.org/en/events-and-performances-2    September 24+25: Symbiotiske fællesskaber – en performativ lydvandring gennem Aalborgs byrum fortalt fra de andre arters perspektiv, Aalborg  https://fb.me/e/1YtNiVqAF   October 17-21: Becoming Species workshops, LungA School, Iceland      2023   February 22 – March 7: Kool Kool Kina, Teater Katapult, https://katapult.dk/kool-kool-kina/    […]

Æstetisk Salon

Æstetisk Salon  is a recurrent event hosted by Camille Roth and me. Æstetisk Salon is born out of the need to gather and the need to share artistic projects and passions. We wish to create a space for inspirational talks in a safe and open environment and to create a space for artists from different […]


Alienation is a solo performance performed and choreographed by me. Alienation is about feeling alienated and isolated from society. Growing up in a small town I was confronted with racism and strong feelings of not belonging. Alienation is created out of these feelings. The Alien The Alien is dangerous.  The Alien is hostile. It does […]

Street Shapes

Inspired by Willi Dorner’s Bodies in Urban Spaces, Street Shapes is a project developed by me and supported by the municipality of Aarhus and the fund “Fonden Aarhus 2017” as part of Aarhus as the European Cultural Capital in 2017. Through a playful investigation, we / Street Shapers explore new ways of interacting with objects in […]

Landscape Scenographies

Dancer and choreographer, Peter Vadim invited me to improvise with him for the vernissage Landscape Scenographies organised by landscape architect and associate professor, Bettina Lamm and PhD student, Laura Winge. Vadim and I gave a guided dance tour of the landscape scenographies, interacting with six different installations which students from Urban Intervention Studio at Copenhagen […]

Guckmal Dich

Guckmal Dich is a performance group consisting of Pernille Rosengren and I. We explore sound, text and movement with a disturbed humor. We had our debut with the performance Scapula. Scapula is a story about two women, who challenge the saying “the higher you fly the further you fall.” Throughout the performance, we move as dynamically as the […]

Fleeting Moments

I was invited to perform with a group of dancers to Kulturnatten at The National Gallery of Denmark and interpret the drawings of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) from the gallery’s temporary exhibition Fleeting Moments, October 2016. In his drawings, Rodin was inspired by the female form and he often worked with dancers and the idea of […]

We are here for fun

On a student trip to Athens with Performance Design, I invited my teacher to improvise with me on Syntagma Square and my fellow students and teachers to participate with signs saying We are here for fun (May 2017). The performance We are here for fun is based upon my thoughts about my role in Athens and […]


What is nothing? And how does a concept like nothing which is so undefinable materializes in art? To Aesthetic Saloon, Sofie Andersen and I gave our contribution to the idea of nothing with a 360 degrees total performance. We did a participatory performance, where we handed out cues with actions that we related to nothingness. […]

Broken Face & Breeding Ground

Video art with Lasse Mouritzen: Broken Face and Breeding Ground In Broken Face, an encounter takes place beyond our civilization. The reality is distorted and roles are undefined, multilingual and in a conflictual state of mind. Who are you, who am I and what are we to each other. Disconnected and yet connected, united and […]

For a Moment: Singularity

The performance “For a Moment: Singularity” is a four hour long performance which I designed and analyzed as subject field for my Master Thesis in Performance Design, Roskilde University, Spring 2018. In my thesis, I explore the potential of dance as liberating in our relationship to urban spaces. Along with two other performers, we danced […]

Vejret nu

Vejret nu is an interdisciplinary work consisting of music, dance, acting and visuals, initiated by musician Maja Gry Brøns. The work is an interpretation of the poems of the Danish poet Per Højholt. Of Højholt’s poems, we interpreted poems about nature from “Det Gentagnes Musik” and “Manøvrer.” Vejret nu is created through devising and improvisational techniques […]

Face the Darkness

Face the Darkness: When a child of Vietnamese boat refugees meets a child of Viet Cong – a performance battle between oppositions More than 40 years after the Vietnam War, the ghosts of the past are still passing through the country and dragging the border between north and south. Between the South Vietnamese government with support […]


Åbninger is a collaborative performance project with Helene Sally. We merge methods from the art of croquis and butoh dance investigating the power relations between the painter and the painted. We explore the tension between being in and out of control of the human and animal nature. April the 12-13th 2019, we had our debut […]

The Animal Empire – you are not invited

“The Animal Empire – you are not invited” is an ongoing performative research in collaboration with dancer and choreographer, Peter Vadim. We explore the aesthetics of dehumanization. Our website: State of Animals Our Podcast   Our motivation We find it urgent to do this project due to our experiences of an increasing discrimination in the public […]

No Tale No Head

I was invited to perform with Mana:Group and Joel Illerhag in the performance No Tale No Head for Click Festival 2019 relating to the theme Death Worlds. The performance was made in collaboration with Haut and Catch. More about the project here: https://www.clickfestival.dk/performance/no-tale-no-head/   Light design & tower: Jonathan S. Hjort Costumes: Nanna Bernholm Light and […]

The Trial of Zeus

I was invited by Professor in Performance Design and Visual Culture, Michael Haldrup to perform as the wounded amazon in the performance “The Trial of Zeus.” Michael Haldrup performed as the defendant and philosopher, Denis Maksimov as the prosecutor. In the performance, the sculptures of Glyptoteket come alive when Denis and Michael put Zeus on […]

How to make a home for an alien

This project is a performative co-research with the community in Kumasi about how to make a home for an alien. The research explores how we meet an alien, a creature who is rootless, does not look like other beings, who does not have a language nor a nationality. How do we welcome such a creature […]


CORONA CAVE is an investigation of how we as human beings relate to crises and isolation. What thoughts, feelings and objects do we bring with us in our corona cave? How do our actions, thoughts and feelings change during these corona times and how can we cope with the crisis creatively and collaboratively? I investigate what […]

Unlocking of forces and characters

Ongoing performative research on embodied experiences: How to unlock your subconsciousness and let yourself transform when you encounter new places. It’s like when you fall in love with a lover or a friend and they unlock something in you, a desire, an interest, a character trait that you did not know you had in you. […]

Walking Landscapes Aalborg 2021

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