Becoming Species

Becoming Species is a performance climate activist group focusing on the survival of species and biodiversity. We connect with and move towards understanding different species by becoming and in this way amplifying the voices of a multitude of life.

Becoming Species is part of the global movement Extinction Rebellion and uses non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to create awareness and action on the climate emergency.


Our book:

Our purpose: We seek to create empathy, understanding and respect between humans and other species by becoming other species, through e.g. play, meditation, costume poetry, knowledge, yoga, nature therapy, movement and sound, and to spread these methods/our movement to others through the facilitation of workshops and actions (interventions in public spaces), so that others have the opportunity to gain insight in our practice. We want to create awareness, action and new understanding in relation to the climate and biodiversity crisis through performance, actions, creative activism, workshops and other relevant activities. We want to create a regenerative culture where recognition and care for each other and other species is central.

Extended purpose: We live in a world where other species are considered resources, instead of Life. Greed rules our society. Instead of asking what nature and other species can do for us, we ask; What human qualities do a healthy ecosystem require? We humans are part of a network of existences. We do not form the top of a species hierarchy. We must move away from anthropocentrism, the idea that Homo Sapiens is the most important and intelligent species on earth.

We will explore what it is like to be another life. We amplify the voices of other species in the human community.

Becoming Species

We become species. We are mycelium, grass, mole, wind around a bird, coral, tree, moth, octopus, lichen, gople. We work with, among other things, butoh dance and mycelium breakdown of the mind-body dualism. We reset ourselves and transform into something else. At the same time, we recognize that we are humans, but humans who listen and through empathy we seek understanding and insight about other species. Thus we are always in a state of becoming.

We seek inspiration from other species to artistically supplement the factual knowledge of the climate crisis with an emotional, bodily one so that humans can better act on the crisis. The complexity of the crisis requires interdisciplinarity. It is in this spirit that we work.

We want to create a new understanding of the relationship between nature, climate and human – and insist on political and structural action that respects the planet’s borders, ecosystems and the survival of species and the basis for life on earth. Therefore, we focus on political and social culture rather than exclusively on consumer behavior and the individual. We do not seek to pressure the individual into action by creating guilt and hopelessness, but to inspire others to act more climate-friendly together and in accordance with nature and the limits of the planet.

We therefore use artistic methods to both create inspiration for the world we want to create, including a new view of nature and understanding of human’s role on the planet – and to create direct political pressure on governments and companies that do not act in accordance with the planet’s boundaries and ressources.

Mama Fælled, pop-up performance, Nørrebro 2021
Photo: Frej Pries Schmedes

Når leg og fantasi går hånd i hånd med kritik

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